Ufungu EXIT Conference (Talk)

Flemish Parliament | Brussels, Belgium

The UFUNGU network is a group of professionals that want to strengthen the resilience to radicalisation & polarisation through the creation of formal & informal networks, providing a platform to share expertise and to stimulate cross-over initiatives & innovations.

We strive to create a multi-agency framework firmly based on the respect of human rights, the rule of law and democratic values and methods.

By building trust, promoting dialogue & fostering solidarity we want to create a more peaceful, more secure and tolerant society.

EXIT organizations are not acting in isolation. They can be part of a multi-agency system that is being coordinated by a third party. In setting up multi-agency partnerships it is crucial to have a clear idea of the shared objective and knowing each other’s role and interest in achieving it. This conference series wants to share international expertise in setting up such multi-agency structures and strive for structural quality standards. We welcome all interested security and social partners that are willing to combat radicalisation & polarisation. 

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EXIT Conference