At the heart of America is a dirty and shameful reality. Everyone knows it exists, but the devastating impact it has left on generations of people has been glossed over and even ignored—especially by those who still benefit from it.

Our American history is rooted in racism.

Obvious chapters include the decimation of Native American populations, slavery, segregation, and the Jim Crow era. Most Americans have learned about—or at least heard—of these events.

But ask them about the eugenics movement, or how homegrown Nazis once filled Madison Square Garden for a rally, or how automobile giant Henry Ford's hatred of Jews helped inspire Hitler, and you're likely to get a blank stare…or something worse.

It's time we raise awareness of these overlooked events in our nation's history, to correct the record for those harmed by it, to trace these hidden stories to modern events, and learn how folks over the centuries have fought back. It's time to acknowledge racism exists so we can beat it once and for all.

Hosted by renowned Nazi-fighter Christian Picciolini, F*** Your Racist History is a weekly, scripted history show that tells America's hidden, overlooked, and unknown racist origin stories.

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