Christian Picciolini Attends White House 'United We Stand Summit' [VIDEO]

The White House

Today, at the White House, President Biden hosted the United We Stand Summit to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety. The Summit honored the resilience of communities who are healing from hateful attacks, including mass shootings, from Oak Creek to Orlando, Charleston, Pittsburgh, El Paso, Atlanta, Buffalo, and beyond.


The Summit put forward a shared vision for a more united America, demonstrating that the vast majority of Americans agree that there is no place for hate-fueled violence in our country, and that when Americans stand united to renew civic bonds and heal divides, we can help prevent acts of hate and violence. Included was former extremist, Christian Picciolini, in a personal discussion with journalist Lisa Ling (video). Today’s Summit is just the beginning of this work, and every American has a role to play in this cause.