Race in America Course (Discussion)


The following information and more can be found on the registration site for this event. Christian will be featured in a discussion about racial terrorism on Day 4 of the course:


Race in America (RIA) is a 6-day journey exploring the complexity of race through the trauma informed lens of somatic wounding (and resilience!) guiding participants into the kind of self-inquiry that touches the body, mind, energy, and heart; the kind of self inquiry that shifts how we show up in the world and for each other.


RIA begins with a deep grounding in the yogic view of race and racism and how the ancient practice guides us to move toward justice as a necessary pathway to personal and collective liberation. We will examine contemporary psycho/somatic practices including understanding the impact of trauma on our collective consciousness and how it lives in the body/mind, and affects the way in which we experience the world and how the world experiences us.


Using the embodiment of trauma as a continuous through-line, the daily schedule includes: trauma-informed yoga and meditation practices led by RIA hosts Nikki Myers and Seane Corn, as well as lectures, discussions and panels featuring internationally recognized thought leaders, educators, artists and activists.


Course begins Sunday October 25, and ends on Friday, October 30th.